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Pirates of Penzance

Join us as we climb over Rocky Mountains, as we prepare to set sail with the Pirates of Penzance on our 70th anniversary show. Preston Gilbert & Sullivan will be performing ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ at The Preston Playhouse form Wednesday 6th March – Saturday 9th March 2024.

Off the coast of England, Frederic, a young man of 21, celebrates the end of his apprenticeship to a band of pirates. He believes the pirate way of life is wicked, and that the crew should consider a respectable lifestyle. The Pirate King claims that, compared to a respectable lifestyle, piracy is honest.

The pirates return to storm the beach and capture the young women, intending to marry them. The women’s father, the Major-General, arrives and objects to his daughters being married against their will. To save them, he claims to be an orphan. As orphans themselves, the pirates are sympathetic and agree to release their captives.

Later at home, the Major-General laments his lie, and his daughters try to comfort him. The police sergeant arrives and tells them that with Frederic’s help, he is prepared to arrest the pirates. Frederic considers this an opportunity to atone for a life of piracy. The Pirate King and Ruth arrive and inform him that he was to be apprenticed until his 21st birthday and, as he was born in a leap year on February 29, he is actually only 5 years old. The Pirate King insists that Frederic honour his sense of duty and return to the pirates. Upon realizing this, Frederic tells the Pirate King of the impending attack.

Before leaving, Frederic meets with Mabel to tell her of his plight, and they agree to be faithful to each other until his return. Mabel tells the police that they will have to face the pirates alone, not knowing the pirates are planning an attack of their own.

The pirates attack the Major-General’s house and easily subdue the police. The sergeant begs for mercy in the name of Queen Victoria. Ruth reveals that the pirates are in fact nobility, and the pirates free the Major-General out of their sense of loyalty to the Queen. The Major-General, happy to have his daughters’ wed noblemen, offers the pirates their hands in marriage as thanks. All join in celebration of the approaching weddings.

Tickets £13 Children Under 15 free (must be accompanied by an adult)


  • Doors Open: 45 mins before show time


06 - 09 Mar 2024


19:30 - 22:00


From £13

Production by

Preston Gilbert & Sullivan Society
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  • Doors Open: 45 mins before show time