Witness for the Prosecution

Written by Agatha Christie

Directed by Rachael Cottle

Young Leonard is kind & friendly, helpful & trusting. He freely answers all the lawyer’s questions – because he knows he has nothing to hide. Leonard is the original open book.
On the night in question, he was at home with his beautiful wife. She will tell everyone and so prove to the world that he is innocent, won’t she? Mistaken identity. Simple.

Elsewhere, another woman is plotting. . . . .and another.

The lawyers start to admit to doubts. What is the Judge to make of it all?

In a bit of a departure from the old play and the films, “Witness for the Prosecution”, scripted by queen of crime Agatha Christie herself from her own book has a truly amazing twist in the tale. You won’t see this one coming!

In our production, look out for the elegant Richard Catmore and urbane Alban Dorning, judicial Paul Sylvester and enigmatic Aneta Paruk, abetted by sharp-eyed Debra Taylor. The fate of Josh/ua Powlesland is in their hands. He’s innocent, though – isn’t he?

There will be some new faces in the cast too, but remember: in “Witness for the Prosecution” all may be not quite as it seems . . .!

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