With plays on every month and so many jobs to do, the Playhouse and its societies are always on the lookout for helping hands.

If you would like to get involved in any way at the Playhouse, then simply email getinvolved@prestonplayhouse.co.uk 

For a little more information about some of the opportunities available, read on…

Front of House/Bar
The main quality required for front of house work is to be able to give a warm welcome. You will be greeting theatregoers and handing out programs, selling tickets and raffle tickets or, as House Manager, looking after the theatre and patrons for the evening.

Or help out serving behind the bar, handling the pre-show, interval and post show rushes, smiling all the while. Of course there is still opportunity to chat with theatregoers and catch up with friends.

Set Designer/Builder – The Workshop Team
Set design requires a head for art and design, an appreciation of space and proportion and the imagination to turn the director’s ideas into a work of art. You will draw sketches  and could even build a scaled down model. The set builders then turn your design into a fully sized working set.

Or work with the different set building teams and you can learn how to turn canvas or plywood into an authentic dining room, a luxurious mansion or a hospital ward! What this group can’t do with a hammer, some nails and and a roll of masking tape isn’t worth doing!  You will enjoy working with your hands and you should be able to use basic tools. 

As a props person you might be asked to find the strangest of things and your mission may take you to some weird and wonderful places. You never know what you might find but the experience will be fun.

Or, if you are the creative type, you may enjoy making your own props using your own imagination and resources.

If you enjoy shopping then this may be your ideal role. You may have to treasure hunt through charity shops or root through Granny’s wardrobe to find that special outfit for him or her. And it could be anything from the straight-laced to the bizarre so an eye for detail, imagination and persistence would be helpful.

Sound and Lighting
Not for technophobes! As a sound and lighting technician you would join a team of pros and learn to rig lights, mix sounds and manage modern sound and lighting desks. Slow fades, gobos, gels are some of the new vocabulary you will acquire. You get to work alongside our theatre technicians who will show you the ropes and show you how to tie ropes too.

Stage Manager
This person is resposible for everything that happens on-stage and backstage. You will oversee every aspect of the performance from beginning to end including managing the backstage team and the actors, cueing and coordinating the lighting and sound technicians and ensuring everything runs to time. You’ll be a natural organizer with a keen sense of timing and an eye for detail.

Stage Hand
As a stage hand you’ll be, literally, handy at everything. That means you need to be all things to all people back stage: assistant set builder, props caretaker, actors’ aide and set changer.

As a director you will have a love of plays and the theatre and the ability to bring a script to life through your understanding of the play, the actors, the audience. If you have never directed before you will start out working alongside one of our existing, experienced directors and see what it’s all about.

You may have acted in school or in other local drama groups. You may be a pro, or you may never have dared. But since you are reading this perhaps it is time you returned to the stage or got on the stage for the first time.

It’s great to “get involved”

  • It’s a great opportunity to learn a new skill, or brush up an old one
  • It will look good on your CV.
  • You don’t have to commit to one thing, but you can try your hand at anything.
  • You can learn from experienced theatre folk.
  • You can make new friends and have a lot of fun.

Want to join in the fun? Well, you can!
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