Enchanted April

Enchanted April

by Matthew Barber
from the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim

Directed by Stella Judson

On a yet another cold, dismal, rainy February day in London, depressed by the surroundings of their ladies’ club and the unrelenting weather, spurred on by an advertisement in ‘The Times’, Lotty Wilton and Rose Arnott decide to escape the soul-destroying monotony of their marriages and agree to rent a castle in Italy for the month of April. Which is to say that Lotty agrees – Rose isn’t quite sure.

They have but one tiny problem. Neither of them has enough money of their own to even jointly finance such a wonderful notion. Unwilling to abandon their dream, but unwilling to approach their husbands for help, they advertise for two other ladies who ’. . . appreciate wisteria and sunshine.’’ One lady as it turns out is an aristocratic socialite with a penchant for cognac and dancing on tables, the other, an elderly widow of impeccable, if dead, literary connections.

Nevertheless, during their month at the truly enchanting castello, the oddly assorted quartet fall under its spell, and in the glorious Italian spring sunshine they rediscover the happiness of the young women they used to be, learning how to laugh and enjoy themselves again – and just quite coincidentally, finding the romance they didn’t even know they were looking for.


Lotty Wilton a Hampstead housewife
Mellersh Wilton her husband, a solicitor
Rose Arnott a Hampstead housewife
Frederick Arnott her husband, a writer
Caroline Bramble a socialite
Antony Wilding an artist
Mrs Graves a London widow
Constanza an Italian housekeeper
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